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Structural Observations

  • During the construction phase of the project we assure that the contractor hired for the job is following the plans correctly and not cutting corners on the job to save them money and time. It is extremely important for a contractor to follow the designed plans that have been developed by a legal engineer.
  • We are prompt at responding to inspection requests. Frequently, we provide next day inspections and have a complete report in your hands the following day!
  • We provide thorough code compliance inspections. Many property inspectors focus on aesthetics and ‘big-fix’ items. Our certified code inspectors also check inside and out for code violations that the typical inspector is not qualified to do.
  • We have experience as not only inspectors, but as engineers and designers. This knowledge helps us provide professional advice and recommendations. Our reports are technical in nature but are expressed in layman’s terms so the average owner can clearly understand them and be comfortable in making a decision.
  • Judd’s All-Trade is patient with our clients. Most inspectors want to get in and get out quickly. We take our inspections seriously and do not rush through a project. Regardless of the parties present, we are willing

Site Assessments; Real-estate Reports; Code Consultations

  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding your property or structure, give us call today and we will setup a time to meet you at the site at your earliest convenience.

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