Commercial & Residential Building Plans


  • To obtain permits for additions, remodels, and new structures Architectural drawings are needed. These drawings include the site plan, location of project, floor plans, demo plans, roof plans, necessary elevations, needed section views, and architectural details. This information helps the owner, contractor, and plan checker to get a understanding of the work to be done.


  • We provide structural analysis for both vertical and lateral components of a structure. These structures range anywhere from new residential custom houses, additions, remodels, freestanding and retaining walls to commercial structures, tenant improvements, seismic anchorage, and legalizing existing non permitted structures.
  • All additions, remodels, and new structures need a structural design. The difference between a structural design and architectural design is that the architectural design only shows what the addition, remodel or structure will look like when completed. The structural design shows what elements are needed to safely build it at the most economic cost to the owner. To create the structural design we must calculate every component of the building from the roof down to the foundation.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

  • We are qualified in providing drawings that include HVAC, power supply, lighting design, load calculations, circuit-y, water supply, gas supply and waste piping systems. We also provide title zy energy conservation analysis and conservation documents.

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